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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabric "Easter" Basket

I saw a really cool patchwork fabric basket on Pinterest this morning here.  GREAT tutorial...easy to follow and it got me thinking I could use some of my silk screen pieces leftover from other projects to make baskets for my daughter and my son's girlfriend.  Yes, my children are in their 30's but they all still expect Easter baskets.  I try and do something that can be reused once the treats are gone...these tub like purses seemed perfect.  I had nautical pieces leftover from these pillows and some botanical type screened pieces that I never used here.  Figured these would be great for purses for the two girls.  Knowing I was going to link the really great tutorial above I didn't take too many step by step photos...but I'll put some up so you see how I got where I wanted to go.  My pieces were cut 5" square...and since I was limited on nautical pieces that purse is a bit smaller than the other one. I figured out my pattern, pieced them together and added a single piece 6" x the width of the patchwork pattern (it became the base of the basket)

Next I quilted the piece using batting on one
felt on the other (I like the felt a bit more)
I just "stitched in the ditch" to connect
batting, lining and patchwork
I trimmed the edges, then sewed the side seams, 
right sides together. To create the "box" base of the basket 
the corners have to be sewn...3" in from the point of the corner

Once you turn the basket right side out,
just flatten the corners into the bottom and
a rectangular base is created.

For the handles, I used leftover rug binding
from the t-shirt rug.  I just cut 15" and pinned
to either side on the outside of the basket.  Next, I made another 
complete basket in lining material and sewed lining
to patchwork right sides together (around the upper edge).  I left a small
opening in the lining to turn the whole thing
right side out.
And, here are my two very different baskets.

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