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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tee Shirt Rug

Wow...I started this rug in December.  I NEVER thought I'd finish it, but finally, today, it's all done.  I saw these on ETSY and thought making one would be easy and a fun way to use up old tee shirts.  That's all there is to it...rug canvas and 1"x4" strips of tee shirts.  Mine is white...but you could make any color, pattern or mix of colors...just takes some imagination and tee shirts. (I supposed you could dye them first for a really custom look)

I bought a packet of rug webbing (one package was enough for 2  2'x3' rugs)
and a package of rug binding. Sewing the binding to the edge of the webbing is very easy...

Then...just collect all the tee shirts you can find...
I think I used 9 for this rug...and cut into 1"x 4" strips
(a rotary cutter is SUPER valuable)
I cut a template out of card stock and used it as an aid
to make the cutting go faster

Cut off the hem

then just cut row after row of 1" strips

then cut the opposite direction to make them 4" long

Start feeding either end of the tee shirt strip through the 
webbing. (initially I did every square...but the rug
became too thick and heavy so I did every other row)
It's very time consuming...but definitely something 
you can do watching tv

see the darker square on the lower left corner
of the rug...ugh...thats from a pretty old dingy shirt...
may have to change that out.


  1. how are those going to keep from feeding out the back? are they tied in any way?

  2. you know, I have been racking my brain to try and figure out how to make one of these .. my kitchen is in dire need of some dark colored ones to hide the paw prints that come in... good job!

  3. To Santa's Helper...the 1" wide strip of tee material is a tight fit in the rug canvas and once inserted tends to puff out for a snug fit. Not sure I'd toss is in the washing machine...but I think it would survive just fine!

  4. I'm in the middle of doing one of these and it's taking forever! I'm not sure if I'll ever finish!

  5. I would dye it in the washer with RIT instead of taking out the darker corner.

  6. I love this little rag rug! I included it in our blog post today!

  7. I think its adorable, trim around that corner with black, matches your tile floor. or dye it