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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manzanita Remodel Update

I'm back in California after a month at the Hawaii House.  Of course, now that I'm here, it's back to work on Ryan's remodel.  It's really starting to look great, interior doors and baseboard are the only two major projects left.  Thought I'd share some before and after photos.  I tried to straighten things up before I shot yesterday...but he is a 31 year old single guy, so...
here's the living room...lovely slump stone fireplace,
paneling, hard to see but HEAVY drywall texture
 and pebble mosaic floor  eeew
here's the after, bamboo flooring, new used brick fireplace,
new smooth drywall 
(notice the buoys and pine needle basket on the mantle)

pillow look familiar?

the view from the fireplace toward the front hallway and into the dining room,
the floor in the dining room was plywood!
here's how it looks now...beadboard on the entry hall,
bamboo floor throughout, the ceilings are tongue and groove wood
the dining room, the walls were originally STUCCO 
(think it was an external patio in another life) and paneling
with a popcorn ceiling
the pine cupboard is in the niche where the panelling cabinet was
remember the dining set?
looking back into the living room (his office is off to the right)
I made a fleet for Ryan too!

view into the kitchen, lovely tile with brown grout, upper cabinets
just gross
this picture is a little busy, but we took out the uppers, black granite countertops
white beadboard cabinets, new travertine farmhouse sink
the staircase to the master...was carpeted, can't find an earlier shot
now...beadboard risers, bamboo treads.

it's coming along :)

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  1. I like the dining room and love the poster!!!!!
    Very beautiful....