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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wooden Buoys

I'm leaving for the Hawaii House Wednesday...and we're a long way from "decorating" the remodel...but I couldn't resist making a few things today that will hopefully make their way into the decor.  I saw these great lobster buoys here and just had to try them.  We had the 4x4 leftover from the kitchen pass-thru header.  Russ (our carpenter) cut the blocks for me, and Danny (our electrician) drilled the holes.  I painted them today.  The numbers represent the addresses of the Newport house and Ryan's Denver house.  The d & r is a tribute to Russ and Danny for all their help on the remodel.

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  1. Laurie - I love how the buoys turned out! Thanks for including the link and shraing I greatly apprecite it! I love that you used house numbers - what a great idea! Hope you are enjoying your week. Thanks again! Stephanie Lynn