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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dining Set "Re-do"

I've been back in California for 2 weeks...haven't had a minute of down time...whew.  I thought I would start to get in the Christmas spirit...but we're making a BIG push to get Ryan's house close enough to finished so he can move in. So....we've been painting and sawing and nailing and cleaning and buying and designing...yikes...will it ever end?  Anyway...we're focusing some time on furnishing...I have this really ugly dining set that has been in my breakfast nook for years.  I've hated it since I got it, but never had the energy to change it.  Well, it's prefect for Ryan's house (it's free) but definitely won't go with the nautical theme as is...so I took this (there are 4 of them)
and did this

this is really white (not sure why the photo turned blue)
Next, I removed the old upholstery fabric

I used the seat fabric as a template for the new chair
then, I silkscreened an anchor in the center of each piece

then the fun part...the staple gun!
I centered the anchor on the chair form, 
flipped it over and started stapling

Here's the first chair (2 down, 2 to go)
Photo is a little goofy, it's early in the morning and the light is bad
I'll take more pics when the set is done and moved in

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