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Monday, December 29, 2014

Super Hero Capes...for little boys

We all know capes make you run faster and jump higher...my grandsons needed their own special capes this Christmas...

even the baby needed one

Easy and fun to make.  I started with a rough pattern...narrowed and 
shortened it for the younger ones

I cut two pieces, one for outside, one for lining

Next...they needed personalizing...BIG letter W for Wim
Using Heat n Bond I followed the directions and
adhered the fusible material to the backside of my 
contrasting fabric...in Wim's case white

Cut out letter, then iron on to adhere.  I know these capes will take
some abuse and will need washing, figured topstitching
would keep things in place a lot longer...

Next, sew lining to outside fabric...right sides together
leaving a small section along bottom edge for turning

The section around the neck is actually cut (didn't show
it well in photos) and then velcro is used to secure cape 
around little boys' necks.

Here's Kale's

And Baby Griff's

And in action...

Daddy even got into it