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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Watercolor resist thank you notes

It's never too early to make some thank you notes 
with Christmas around the corner.  Thought some watercolor
ones would be fun to do.  These simple resist cards don't take
any "artistic" ability...if you can put paint on a brush...you can do it.
I laid out a few thank you's on the Cricut screen and cut

them out of vinyl.  I first tried it with contact paper (like I use for silkscreening)
but it didn't stick to the watercolor paper very well. 
So...a scrap of vinyl worked great.  

I transferred the letters to watercolor paper and used a brayer 
(but you can use a rolling pin) to really make sure
the vinyl letters stuck to the paper.

Here's the fun part...flood the paper with water...then just
touch the tip of your brush (loaded with watercolor paint)
and watch it spread and mix.  Use different colors and
be amazed at the new colors it creates.


As you can see, I tried several color combos.

Then, using an Xacto knife or something pointy, gently peel
off the letters.  They come up very easily.

To turn these into notecards...I tore the edges of each 
"painting" to fit on a standard notecard size of card stock.
I just cut 8 1/2" x 11" card stock in half, score the sheet
and I've got a folded note.  Tearing the edges of the watercolor paper
with a straight edge gives you a nice deckle edge (more like
a full sheet of watercolor paper)

When you've got the piece the size you want, just center on 
your notecard and glue down.  I used some heavy books to 
make sure it stuck well (flat with no buckles)

Color combos are endless. Standard 
4 3/8 x 5 3/4"envelopes fit perfectly.

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