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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Key Chain Fob

This project is so much cooler than it photographed...I thought I'd share 
it and maybe you can make one too.  I discovered this stuff called 
Diamond Glaze that is really fun.  It's a glue...but when applied topically 
leaves a clear resin like 3-D coating.  I'm always looking for fun 
stocking stuffers for my adult children and thought they might
all like a key chain fob with their children's pictures.  
Here are the supplies you need:
a package of decorative dog tags (Hobby Lobby)
a can acrylic sealer
a photo (1"x1.5")
Diamond Glaze (purchased online)
E6000 or another adhesive

I posed the grandchildren holding a sign and took their picture.

Next, I printed it 1" x 1.5" and sprayed it 4 or 5 times
with clear acrylic sealer.  VERY important step.  I learned
the hard way (trial and error) that the Diamond Glaze will cause
the colors to run on your photo if it isn't sealed really well first.
Adhere the photo to the dog tag and wait overnight until glue
is firmly set.  Now the fun part, slowly apply the Diamond Glaze to the photo...
surface tension keeps it from spilling over the sides but go slowly so you get a nice 
"mound" of coating on your photo. Let it dry thoroughly...I'd say
overnight to be on the safe side.  Image will be milky until the glaze hardens,
then its very hard and resin like.  Like I said much cooler than the photos show.

Add a key ring and you're all set.

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