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Sunday, November 30, 2014

3rd Birthday Party Gift Bag Tees

Our eldest grandson Kale turned 3 today.  Wow!!!  Time flies.  My daughter threw a party for him with some of his pre school friends and we thought it would be fun to silk screen tee shirts for the kids as a little remembrance of the party.  The party theme was construction (since Kale is very into cars and trucks and bulldozers and tractors and...well you get it). I started with a layout in Sure Cuts A Lot for my Cricut.  This sure makes lettering a breeze if one doesn't feel like doing a photo emulsion silkscreen.  I've explained the process a few times in previous posts...please see here
The Cricut cuts the contact paper in about a minute...too cool.

Next, just adhere the sticky side of the contact paper to the underside of the silk screen frame.
Notice image is backward...it'll be right side up when you flip the screen over.

Flood the screen with ink and squeegee several passes
(to insure coverage)

I always place a scrap piece of matt board in the tee shirt to make
sure the image doesn't bleed through to the back.  When completely dry...don't forget to
heat set ink...a very hot iron for a minute or two does the trick.

7 party guests, 1 little brother and 1 infant cousin...shirts done in about 10 minutes!

All ready for transport to party central!

And here's this morning's set up at the party

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