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Friday, November 21, 2014

3-D Wooden Christmas Trees

I'm still discovering new projects to make with my scroll saw. 
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I've had a funny little Christmas tree that I've used for 
decoration every year forever...it's a small little thing I 
probably picked up at the drug store when we couldn't 
afford many holiday extras.  It's wooden, painted green 
with little red hearts on it.  I always thought it was cool because 
it fit together with 2 slots cut out of the pieces...but stored away 
flat in a box the rest of the year.  I figured I could draft a similar 
pattern and cut out the pieces with my new scroll saw.  I started 
with a sketch of a tree 10" tall...traced that onto a piece of wood.

I cut 2 trees, cutting a slot on either tree, one from the top to halfway, 
one from the bottom up to halfway (slots are the width of the wood thickness)

Sand all the sides, edges, etc and stain...or paint.

I chose a bluish stain because most of my friends have beachy type decor and 
I thought a set of blue trees would look cool
Sand again to give it a weathered look...If you want a set...I made 
 8" and 6" trees to go along with the 10" one.

and disassembled, I tied the bundle with twine...ready for gift giving

Here's the pattern I made...printed on 8.5"x11" paper
(don't forget to make 2...with a slot on top of second)

Painted version

Stained version

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