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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New tee shirts for the grandsons

As I've shown in earlier posts...I love silkscreening...and with my "discovery" of contact paper as a stencil and the use of my cricut for cutting intricate designs and text...a whole new world has opened up.  Silkscreening is really meant to be used for multiple runs i.e. printing the same image over and over again.  I usually will just print one tee (or maybe two) but it's so easy with this method it's hardly work at all.  Kale, my 3 year old grandson has become quite the celebrity at school.  The teachers like seeing what funny shirt he'll wear next.  I wish I could claim being clever enough to come up with the sayings...I usually just pour over the internet looking for funny things to print.  Here are two that I printed yesterday.  For a tutorial on silkscreening using contact paper check out this earlier post

and some old favorites: 

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