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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Redo of Kipp's Room

My children have grown and moved to their own houses...but we encourage them to come home as often as they'd like.  I've kept their rooms pretty much as they were in high school, not really out of nostalgia but laziness sounds a bit more honest.  Kipp and her husband Andrew visit, bringing the baby and making this grandma very happy.  The trouble has always been...sleeping arrangements were uncomfortable with twin beds in the two bedrooms.  So, I have been slowly redoing Kipp's room to accommodate Kipp's growing family.  I don't really have any "before" pictures...I'm here in Hawaii with my laptop and most old photos are on the desk top in California...but the old room isn't really the story, the new fresh beachy look is.  I started with some old old oak pieces...a small side table and a dresser, a smallish room with tan (dingy) walls, mahogany doors and windows.  The overwhelming dark of the wood and colored walls made for a dated and oppressive feel.  I kept the doors and windows the same (stripping and painting all that beautiful wood was not an option) but I did paint the walls white white white.  I got rid of the iron sleigh bed and opted for a white Pottery Barn one instead.  The rest was easy beachy blues and aquas.

Here's the little table I started with,
lots of damage to the top...

A can of spray paint, the legs are blue!

Another can of paint, the top is white! Doesn't look like it,
but the framed picture of Kipp and Andrew is painted 
with the same blue as the table base.
Notice the pineneedle basket...yep, I'm still making
them...the flowers are coffee filter flowers...yep, found the 
tutorial on Pinterest

I couldn't find a linen duvet cover I liked or in the right
shade of blue...so I made it myself.  I ordered yards and 
yards of linen online...and sewed and sewed.  Quite easy, toughest 
part is wrestling the weight of all that fabric as you sew 
really long side seams.  

This Dash and Albert rug is leftover from Ryan's makeover,
he "generously" sold it to me
I sewed some shams with leftover linen, made the 
anchor fabric with Inkodye, silkscreened the stars
on some khaki linen...

I painted the painting of the Laguna Beach lifeguard
tower...added a small oil of a Salt Creek lifeguard tower
to the left of the door...

And...that's the project so far.  One of Kipp's lifeguard
photos (she did a series) is framed and hanging
to the right of the bed.  I'm not finished yet,
but the room is coming together and much cheerier
than is used to be.

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