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Thursday, July 12, 2012

More printing with Inkodye

Seriously, this stuff is addictive.  I've already run out of the blue color and have to order more.  Here's my latest efforts...3 baby outfits...onesies and diaper covers to match.

Here are the pattern pieces for the diaper cover by MADE with
my contact paper "stencils" adhered.  I've learned that 
a double thickness of contact paper makes for a more 
opaque stencil and thus light tight 
after "developing" in the sun...the fabric turns
a fantastic shade of orange (in just 8 minutes)
Here's the completed outfit...the shirt 
was just one stencil with a few quick
brushstrokes of Inkodye around it before 
heading out to the sun.  The fabric stays
soft, the image really becomes part of the 
material...soooo cool

I couldn't stop at just one outfit...had to make 
some for Kale's friends
And...here's my model


  1. Beautiful! I'll have to try to find this stuff. What type of fabric did you use, if I may ask?

    1. I used white cotton duck...pretty heavy so took a bit of "dye" to penetrate...but very cool results. If you sew AND like to print on fabric this stuff is for you!!! Only available thru their website.

  2. Fabulous! As soon as I have this darn dissertation done, I am going to go through your blog and learn how to do some of the "easier" stuff you describe! You are so talented! (PS: Everyone always asks us where we got the cool "Stella" pillow on our couch!)