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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rope Trivet

I found myself without a trivet the other evening, not earth shaking, but annoying  Having built the house a few years ago...I still find we haven't completely stocked the kitchen with all the necessary gadgets.  I used a dish towel instead...I'm always reluctant to set hot pans directly on the granite countertops...but dishtowels are not very elegant  :) and then when I want to dry off my hands I remember it's sitting under a hot pan...sooooooo, I set out to make one yesterday.  I've made a bunch of the rope waste baskets and figured the starting circle (bottom of the basket) would work great for a trivet.  I wanted to add some color so used thread wound around the rope in random spots for  pop. Our house is all blue and white so I figured I couldn't go wrong with navy (and it was the only blue thread color I had)  Here are the steps, super easy and even with my vintage glue gun I got the job done with a minimal amount of finger singes
The rope is clothes line rope from WalMart. First I wrapped about 1/2" width
of blue tread at the end of the rope and started coiling,
gluing the coil as I went to maintain shape.
Every so often I'd do another wrap of blue thread
nothing perfect, just when it seemed right
Round and around and around 
and around
until it was about 6" in diameter. I wrapped the end,
glued it down and put a bead of glue on the very tip
so it wouldn't unravel.  

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