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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Doormat

My doormat has gotten pretty ratty looking...I knew it was time for a new one.  While at Home Depot yesterday I found this plain mat for $5.97...what a deal.  I knew I wanted to try and stencil my own design and figured I wouldn't be devastated if I had a project fail if I only spent $6.  So...being the irreverent person that I am I wasn't about to go the traditional route of "welcome" or initials or anything like that...instead, I opted for NICE UNDERWEAR.  The whole thing takes about 45 minutes and one is only limited by one's imagination for the design.  A cute nautical theme (lighthouse or shell motif), maybe paw prints if there's a dog in the house...lots of possibilities. I started with my plain mat
next, I worked out my text on my Cricut
(I had this brilliant idea to cut the stencil out of contact
paper like I use for silk screening)
Since the cutting mat format is only 12" square it
took 3 cuts to get my words large enough
I cut out each word, then pieced them together
I carefully peeled them off the sticky mat...keeping 
the centers of the D's, R's and A
I used a T square to make sure I was centered and 
straight before [adhering] the contact paper to the mat
I put that in brackets because the contact paper didn't
stick as well as I'd hoped :(
After masking off the exposed mat with tape and printer 
paper, I hauled the assembly outside and spray painted my words
I used chalkboard paint ONLY because I already had it
So, here's my front door
and here's my new mat...as you can see...there's a bit 
of overspray...I think if I'd cut my letters from vinyl it
would have stuck to the bristly mat better



  1. ok, that is such a great idea! why didn't i think of that! i'd seen a great saying on a doormat, and couldn't find it online. this is what i'll do! thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I saw the picture of your doormat on the Sunday Showcase Party and it made me laugh out loud. Love it!