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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Baby Shower

Kipp's good friend Lea hosted a beautiful baby shower for her yesterday.  So much fun...
name tags and great graphic 
art for the nursery
party favors
our "craft" project. Kipp and I cut 14 cute designs 
out of freezer paper and ironed them to onesies.
We provided foam brushes and silk screen
ink and let everyone choose a design and
color it in.  Made for a cute decoration as well.
finger food lunch...yum
the "bar"
the mother-to-be when she arrived 
and saw the set up
working on their onesies
Kipp with her Aunt Terrie and grandma 
(soon to be great grandma)
A silly game where you cut a piece of yarn as big around as
you think her tummy is...mine was so long we fit in it together!!!
(I didn't win)
A handmade quilt my sister did for the crib...all the 
Michael Miller fabrics Kipp has used in the nursery...
SO thoughtful and beautiful
a LOT of presents...who knew you needed so much for a little baby!!

our finished onesies!!!!
Fun fun day

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