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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Shower Party Favors

Kipp's good friend Lea (her maid of honor 3 years ago) is hosting a baby shower for her in a few weeks.  I volunteered to make the party favors and since I'll be in Hawaii until 2 days before the shower I thought I'd better make them ahead of time...here's what I came up with.
Super easy, but cute I think.  I started with 2 cases 
of canning jars (pint size), 2 big bags of cake mix,
a big bag of chocolate chips, yards and yards of
bias tape in polka dot and check/baby blue of course, 
and cute labels with baking instructions I printed on the computer
you might recognize the bias tape...it's 
leftover from the cradle bumpers
my labels say "thanks for coming" &
"and welcoming baby boy batley"
the flip side has baking instructions
for the cupcakes
{bake @ 350 about 18 minutes
1 egg
a bit under 1/2 C water
a bit under 1/4 C oil
yield 6 cupcakes}
I washed all the mason jars in the dishwasher
then poured 1 cup of cake mix in each
next, 1/4 Cup chocolate chips
I punched a hole in each label, threaded the bias tape through it
and tied the "ribbon" around the top of the jar
all 24 party favors are ready to go

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  1. Just about the cutest idea I have ever seen. Wish I could join you all!