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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Newborn Sleepers

Saw this cute pattern on one of the blogs I follow (get the tutorial and download the pattern here).  Super easy, and with fleece...and a serger, it's literally 15 minutes of sewing.  Think the snaps took me longer to attach than sewing the whole thing.  My husband went to graduate school at UCLA and is pretty wild about all things Bruin...so when I saw this fabric I just had to get it
and then...one of my best buddies who will be a first
time grandma 6 weeks after me saw this and just needed 
one too...but of course, from USC.  So, I made her one today
I made the legs a little longer and did a better job with the
collar ribbing...but essentially the same thing. Super cute, and 
now the babies can continue the school rivalry.

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  1. What rivalry? Is there really a comparison? SC sucks. :) Sorry Anna.