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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cradle Bumpers

We're getting closer and closer to baby time.  Kipp and Andrew are excited,  and with the purchase of a crib and other "infant items" the reality of it all is sinking in.  We are very thrilled to pass along the cradle Chris made for Kipp's brother Ryan almost 32 years ago.  Kipp was the second baby to use it...then we started loaning it to friends and family.  To date, 33 babies have spent their first few months sleeping in this special little bed.  Every time a family uses it, we have a small brass plaque inscribed with the baby's name and birthdate and affix it to the cradle stand.  Kipp will be the first baby to have a baby of her own use it...pretty cool.  It needed a little sprucing up so I've just made new bumpers.  I think there have been 6 or 7 sets of bumpers through the years...both pink and blue...but my first grandchild certainly needed a new set all his own.  Yesterday I bought some cute blue polka dot and check fabrics, some foam and just finished the project. 

first, I needed yards and yards of piping (welting)
so used a YouTube video to make 15 yards of
continuous bias strip using just a 20" [folded] 
piece of fabric...it's almost magic!
cut my foam pieces to match the angled 
sides of the cradle

sewed cording into my bias strips to make welting
 [using my zipper foot] 

see...yards and yards of it

then attached the piping to one side of each piece
(again using the zipper foot) to get close to the sewn edge
Then, I just sewed right sides together just like making a
pillow, then stuffed the foam pieces into each "section"

I made ties to connect each piece...slid them into the 
cradle tucked around the "mattress"

brass plaques..."our babies"

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