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Thursday, August 4, 2011

California Paintings

Well, back in California.  I was in Hawaii for 2 months this time so there were lots of things to do around the house here before I could start new[fun] projects.  Chris ,Ryan and Andrew are off backpacking the John Muir trail so I had lots of time to get things sorted out and worked on.  I'm still trying my hand at oils...but always do a watercolor every other painting to keep my hand in.  Here are my two latest... a lot larger than I usually attempt...the oil is a work in progress but I'm liking it so far...it's a larger version of the one I did awhile ago...it's the beach down the street from our house.  The Ritz Carlton is up on the cliff on the right.
The watercolor below is fun...lots and lots of splatter with
a toothbrush to recreate sand...and at 20x30 it took forever!  
Hope Ryan appreciates it...yes, going to the Manzanita House.

And...I've started a new blog...this one is for the gallery I'm in in Laguna Beach.  I'm hoping it will generate some interest in our gallery, both our online and physical presence.  Check it out here

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  1. love the sand painting! thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity, such an inspiration.