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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hawaiian Onesie

Kipp is here another couple of days...then back to California.  We've had a great time and made some fun baby clothes in between beach and pool time.  Our latest, another set of onesies decorated with freezer paper stencils.
start with a pack of onesies (from Target)

dye bath of Rit Dye (I only had blue and
yellow...so we were limited)

the dyed shirts, ready for printing
xacto knife, cutting board and freezer paper

draw your design, then cut it out (shiny side down)

iron "stencil" to onesie shiny side to fabric,
hot iron, no steam

simply daub paint onto shirt, let dry, remove freezer paper,
iron to heat set.
and...here's the finished project from the other day:

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