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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Petroglyph Dress

The Big Island of Hawaii has several areas where you can find petroglyphs.  They're very cool...and many of the island logos reflect the cool graphic nature of the designs.  I thought it would be fun to silkscreen a border using one of the designs...the Honu (turtle). I bought a rayon dress clothing blank from Dharma Trading Company (a very cool place to buy everything related to textile arts) and dyed it with Rit Dye
following the package direction...I got the dress wet first, 
added salt and let sit in the dye bath overnight.

The dye didn't take as well as it usually does,
kinda splotchy...but kinda tie-dye ish so I like it
Next...for the design.  I sketched out a pattern 
of turtles and transferred to clear 
contact paper (for the silkscreen stencil)

I carefully cut out the images with an Xacto knife
saving the inside cutout pieces to add to the silkscreen
to complete the images
screen with stencil adhered, ready to print

with squeegee and fabric ink I'm ready to print
I used the ironing board so as I moved around the hem line 
the wet images wouldn't stick to one another
and transfer ink where I didn't want it to go

After heat setting the printed images...the dress
was ready to go!


  1. Dang, girl! You are a busy one! I love this! Would be a great project for one of my granddaughters' parties!