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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hala-kahiki keiki (pineapple baby)

We're back in Hawaii...yipppeeee....for 2 whole months.  It's always fun to see how the yard has grown while we're away...and I was pleasantly surprised to see my first pineapple has really grown.  It's so easy to grow one...but I still got a bit of satisfaction seeing it there waiting just for me!
If you live in a warmer climate (Ca, Fl or Hi for instance)
I think this would work well.  Seriously, this is stupid easy.
Buy a nice pineapple at the market...
Cut off the top

and then...put it in the ground! Seriously.
You can get green thumby and soak it in a 
root stimulant for a few days...but I just scoop out a
 bit of soil, lay the pineapple top in and cover the 
cut section with the scooped out dirt.  Water a bit...then
let the sprinklers, the sun and nature do the rest.
These start to root after a couple of weeks, then after a 
couple of months the baby pineapple forms at the top amid 
the leaves...VERY exciting...
and when we got here Thursday this is what I found
now, the biggest worry...when to harvest