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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hala-kahiki keiki (pineapple baby)

We're back in Hawaii...yipppeeee....for 2 whole months.  It's always fun to see how the yard has grown while we're away...and I was pleasantly surprised to see my first pineapple has really grown.  It's so easy to grow one...but I still got a bit of satisfaction seeing it there waiting just for me!
If you live in a warmer climate (Ca, Fl or Hi for instance)
I think this would work well.  Seriously, this is stupid easy.
Buy a nice pineapple at the market...
Cut off the top

and then...put it in the ground! Seriously.
You can get green thumby and soak it in a 
root stimulant for a few days...but I just scoop out a
 bit of soil, lay the pineapple top in and cover the 
cut section with the scooped out dirt.  Water a bit...then
let the sprinklers, the sun and nature do the rest.
These start to root after a couple of weeks, then after a 
couple of months the baby pineapple forms at the top amid 
the leaves...VERY exciting...
and when we got here Thursday this is what I found
now, the biggest worry...when to harvest

Monday, May 23, 2011

Macbook Travel Case

We travel quite a bit and taking a computer through airport screening can cause a bit of hassle depending on the individual TSA folks you meet.  I decided a cloth "bag" to hold my MacBook Air would streamline the process (many airports let the bag go thru x-ray without even removing the computer).  It is very simple to make, lightweight, padded enough to protect the computer and handy to carry when your arms are full of things in the security line.
I just took a 1/2 yard of fabric and freehand quilted it around
the cool Hawaiian design.  Added straps that I'd edged with bias tape and 
sewed velcro strips to keep it closed.

And...with all the cords that I take for recharging and
photo downloading I made a matching drawstring
bag.  Too easy and handy to keep all the electronics 
in one place.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tile Coasters

I saw the greatest coaster "how to" on the super smart blog A Little Hut and just had to try them.  They're easy and clean and really cool. The tiles are from Home Depot (16 cents each).  I designed my pattern on the computer, created an svg file in Inkscape, converted it to SCAL (Sure Cuts ALOT) and had my Cricut cut them out in 2 minutes.  Lots of layers of ModPodge later and...

added little felt squares on the bottom...and Ryan's house 
has a set of nautical coasters.  But seriously...check out A Little Hut

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tee Shirt Rug

Wow...I started this rug in December.  I NEVER thought I'd finish it, but finally, today, it's all done.  I saw these on ETSY and thought making one would be easy and a fun way to use up old tee shirts.  That's all there is to it...rug canvas and 1"x4" strips of tee shirts.  Mine is white...but you could make any color, pattern or mix of colors...just takes some imagination and tee shirts. (I supposed you could dye them first for a really custom look)

I bought a packet of rug webbing (one package was enough for 2  2'x3' rugs)
and a package of rug binding. Sewing the binding to the edge of the webbing is very easy...

Then...just collect all the tee shirts you can find...
I think I used 9 for this rug...and cut into 1"x 4" strips
(a rotary cutter is SUPER valuable)
I cut a template out of card stock and used it as an aid
to make the cutting go faster

Cut off the hem

then just cut row after row of 1" strips

then cut the opposite direction to make them 4" long

Start feeding either end of the tee shirt strip through the 
webbing. (initially I did every square...but the rug
became too thick and heavy so I did every other row)
It's very time consuming...but definitely something 
you can do watching tv

see the darker square on the lower left corner
of the rug...ugh...thats from a pretty old dingy shirt...
may have to change that out.

Monday, May 9, 2011

We're in St Barths!

Here we are at Pinehurst!
We haven't been here for a couple of years (used to be a semi-annual trip) but with my illness and the Hawaii House it seemed like a VERY long trek from California.  This spring, Chris had a meeting at Duke (he's on an advisory board to the school of nursing) so we combined that meeting with a golf trip to Pinehurst and a few days relaxing in St Barths.  Little did we know that US Airways would be fairly disappointing...we sat on the runway in Charlotte for 4 hours yesterday for a 3 hour flight...ugh.  We ran like crazies through the St Maarten airport to catch our little plane to St Barths.  Made it even though Chris' suitcase didn't.  No worries...they'll deliver it today.  I took some pictures of the villa we've rented...it's nice...will hopefully be prettier when the sun comes out :(  Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!
master bedroom
master shower

another view of the shower...very cool

open living area (notice how similar the ceiling is to the Hawaii House)

another shot of the living room


The house has some pretty cool details...I'll send more shots later...
just have fingers crossed for sun...it's pretty cloudy right now