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Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Been a Painting Week

I have been really busy this week, made many projects but keep forgetting to take pictures to share :(
Kipp and I finally delivered our pillows

wine gift bags

 and glassware

to the new boutique in Seal Beach.  Janet (the owner) called Tuesday after close of business the first day to tell us we'd already sold 4 pillows and 2 glasses.  FUN!  So, back to silkscreening to keep her supplied.  Kipp and I tie-dyed scarves with my sister, but it was a bit of a Rit Dye fail.  What was supposed to be red and blue sort of turned into pink and lavender (think we didn't leave them in the dye bath long enough).
I made 3 more rope waste baskets for Ryan's remodel

hung two more tp roll holders
but mostly, I painted.  I did several small oils for the Laguna gallery

and several watercolors for the Hawaii gallery

Today Ryan and I stripped and sanded doors...ugh.  Will it ever end?
Saturday we paint!!!!


  1. You'll be very busy creating as sales continue!!!! Love all the designs, so graphic and bold. Happy painting!!

  2. Beautiful paintings, thanks for sharing them!