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Friday, February 4, 2011

Potholder Mania

Despite a mother fail on my part (not teaching Kipp to sew properly) she has taken potholder making to a new artform!  Apparently there is a contest on the very cute website Prudent Baby (winner gets a new sewing machine) and Kipp is determined to win. She has a machine (she registered for one as a wedding gift and actually got it) but it's pretty rudimentary and breaks down quite a bit.  She is imagining all the wonderful things she could make if only she had a fancy "all the bells and whistles"machine. So, since she is in California and I am here in Hawaii...there have been quite a few texts and calls and e:mails addressing sewing questions and problems.  She has evolved as a "seamstress" in the last few days...it's been really fun to watch.  I asked her to send me some photos so I could share.  Here are her entries (not sure she's finished yet) in no particular order...but you can probably figure out which were her earlier works and which is the last.


  1. I mean are you kidding, that is the cutest owl potholder I have EVER seen. She is definitely going to win!