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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manzanita Re-Do Powder Room

The ongoing remodel of Ryan's house is starting to really shape up.  The powder room is looking pretty cute and nautical.  Here's how the sink and vanity looked before:
here it is now:
beadboard wainscotting, a pedestal sink, Restoration
Hardware porthole medicine chest.  The towel is on a cleat

the shower/tub before:
the tub after
lifeguard tower series photo canvas
by Kipp Batley, beadboard surround

toilet before:
love the shiny aqua paint, floor tiles ugh and glass block!!
toilet after:

LOVE the improvised toilet paper roll
made a rope basket to hold paper rolls
(no vanity/no storage) ala Martha Stewart
and Stephanie Lynn (Under the Table and Dreaming)



  1. The toilet roll holder is brilliant..., beats the driftwood one, well I don't really need to compare, right. And Restoration
    Hardware has a porthole medicine cabinet!? That is awesome..., I could use that for our powder room.

  2. I love the toilet paper holder!!!

  3. Wonderful ideas - I love imagination and creativity!


  4. Hi Laurie - what a fabulous transformation. Beautifully done! I adore the toilet roll holder - very cool! Your rope basket turned out amazing - I love how big it is! Thanks so much for the mention as I greatly appreciate it. I love all the special touches you have added to this room - fantastic job! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. Amazing transformation...love all the actual nautical items that you used in this! Love it!

  6. I love the toilet paper holder! So creative! I have a "nautical" themed guest bathroom and that would look so cute in there! Thanks for the idea!

  7. What an amazing reno! Great job!! The toilet paper roll holder is soooo cool.

  8. Love the TP holder!! Question- do you untie the rope each time you change the roll?

  9. I wondered the same thing about the tp holder! How do you change roll?

  10. How did you make the tp holder?

    1. Did you get a tutorial for this? I'm curious too.

    2. Did you get a tutorial for this? I'm curious too.