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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hand Made Rubber Stamp

The gallery in Hawi is "brand" challenged. We don't really have a consistent logo, continuity between business cards, advertising and gallery accessories. I've been working on the design for a new rack card and business card, hoping to spread the word on the Big Island about our charming little gallery at the end of the trail, but thought it would be fun to create a rubber stamp we could use to decorate gift bags customers would take away with their small purchases.  The monstera leaf is an integral part of the gallery design and found in the lush foliage of the northern part of the island.  The stamp is a quick and easy tool to  use on all kinds of things...
you'll need a sketch of your design, an exacto knife, 
a piece of eraser or rubber stamp blank (Speedball), 
a small square of masonite, a cabinet knob
(just glue the knob to the wooden square for
an easily held stamp)

to transfer your sketch to the stamp blank rub the 
back with the edge of a pencil point
place your sketch on the blank and trace around your 
image, transferred image will be a bit smudged
but you should have enough of the design to 
follow with your knife
cut out the entire image with an exacto knife
glue the cut image to wood...I used a pretty industrial strength
glue knowing the stamp would be rinsed off often
using a brayer, acrylic paint and some sort of flat cleanable surface
(a dinner plate or sheet of glass works well)
roll out a thin even coat of paint on the brayer
transfer the brayer-full of paint to the stamp
then press your "inked" stamp to paper, fabric
or whatever you want the image transferred to

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