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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manzanita Re-Do Powder Room

The ongoing remodel of Ryan's house is starting to really shape up.  The powder room is looking pretty cute and nautical.  Here's how the sink and vanity looked before:
here it is now:
beadboard wainscotting, a pedestal sink, Restoration
Hardware porthole medicine chest.  The towel is on a cleat

the shower/tub before:
the tub after
lifeguard tower series photo canvas
by Kipp Batley, beadboard surround

toilet before:
love the shiny aqua paint, floor tiles ugh and glass block!!
toilet after:

LOVE the improvised toilet paper roll
made a rope basket to hold paper rolls
(no vanity/no storage) ala Martha Stewart
and Stephanie Lynn (Under the Table and Dreaming)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Hand Made Rubber Stamp

The gallery in Hawi is "brand" challenged. We don't really have a consistent logo, continuity between business cards, advertising and gallery accessories. I've been working on the design for a new rack card and business card, hoping to spread the word on the Big Island about our charming little gallery at the end of the trail, but thought it would be fun to create a rubber stamp we could use to decorate gift bags customers would take away with their small purchases.  The monstera leaf is an integral part of the gallery design and found in the lush foliage of the northern part of the island.  The stamp is a quick and easy tool to  use on all kinds of things...
you'll need a sketch of your design, an exacto knife, 
a piece of eraser or rubber stamp blank (Speedball), 
a small square of masonite, a cabinet knob
(just glue the knob to the wooden square for
an easily held stamp)

to transfer your sketch to the stamp blank rub the 
back with the edge of a pencil point
place your sketch on the blank and trace around your 
image, transferred image will be a bit smudged
but you should have enough of the design to 
follow with your knife
cut out the entire image with an exacto knife
glue the cut image to wood...I used a pretty industrial strength
glue knowing the stamp would be rinsed off often
using a brayer, acrylic paint and some sort of flat cleanable surface
(a dinner plate or sheet of glass works well)
roll out a thin even coat of paint on the brayer
transfer the brayer-full of paint to the stamp
then press your "inked" stamp to paper, fabric
or whatever you want the image transferred to

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Port Removal T-shirts

Well...this is going to step way out of the blogosphere comfort zone...but I did an arty project the last few days to celebrate a HUGE moment in my life.  I have stage IV colon cancer...have had for 4 years.  I've done surgery, chemo, radiation, ct scans, PET scans, blood tests...all the icky things that go along with fighting cancer.  My celebration?  Last week I had my 27th ct scan 2 years AFTER having finished chemotherapy,  it came out clean, clear and perfect!  It is a BIG milestone in the battle.  I finally get to have my port-a-cath removed (the medical device implanted in the chest to facilitate chemotherapy).  So...I'm throwing myself a "port removal dinner party" for all the friends who have helped me with this journey.  I thought everyone needed a party favor to commemorate the event so I silkscreened t-shirts!!!!
I made 13 of them...one for myself and all the guests.
these aren't really a fashion statement, but
I put all the little things on them that mean 
something to me.  those of us who have had a colon resection
refer to ourselves as "semi-colons"...the port is over the 
right collarbone, radiation symbol on one sleeve

and one of my favorite little sayings...

and on the back...the reason for 
my party...the dates I've worn the port!!!

forgive me if I've offended anyone...
but it's a VERY BIG WEEK for me

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another oil painting

Rainy day in Southern California today.  Staying inside and painting.  I used another one of my morning walk photos for today's little piece...remember the seagulls? I cropped it and came up with this;
and this is what I painted
I've always been a watercolorist...I'm determined to 
be a better oil painter

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's not Hawaii...but it's not bad

My morning walk here in California.  It's not Hawaii, but it was a beautiful day.  The beach (Salt Creek) is a few hundred yards down the street from our house...and low tide makes for great walking.  I took my camera along hoping for some good painting pictures...

here's the one that caught my eye for this mornings painting...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manzanita Remodel Update

I'm back in California after a month at the Hawaii House.  Of course, now that I'm here, it's back to work on Ryan's remodel.  It's really starting to look great, interior doors and baseboard are the only two major projects left.  Thought I'd share some before and after photos.  I tried to straighten things up before I shot yesterday...but he is a 31 year old single guy, so...
here's the living room...lovely slump stone fireplace,
paneling, hard to see but HEAVY drywall texture
 and pebble mosaic floor  eeew
here's the after, bamboo flooring, new used brick fireplace,
new smooth drywall 
(notice the buoys and pine needle basket on the mantle)

pillow look familiar?

the view from the fireplace toward the front hallway and into the dining room,
the floor in the dining room was plywood!
here's how it looks now...beadboard on the entry hall,
bamboo floor throughout, the ceilings are tongue and groove wood
the dining room, the walls were originally STUCCO 
(think it was an external patio in another life) and paneling
with a popcorn ceiling
the pine cupboard is in the niche where the panelling cabinet was
remember the dining set?
looking back into the living room (his office is off to the right)
I made a fleet for Ryan too!

view into the kitchen, lovely tile with brown grout, upper cabinets
just gross
this picture is a little busy, but we took out the uppers, black granite countertops
white beadboard cabinets, new travertine farmhouse sink
the staircase to the master...was carpeted, can't find an earlier shot
now...beadboard risers, bamboo treads.

it's coming along :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Potholder Mania

Despite a mother fail on my part (not teaching Kipp to sew properly) she has taken potholder making to a new artform!  Apparently there is a contest on the very cute website Prudent Baby (winner gets a new sewing machine) and Kipp is determined to win. She has a machine (she registered for one as a wedding gift and actually got it) but it's pretty rudimentary and breaks down quite a bit.  She is imagining all the wonderful things she could make if only she had a fancy "all the bells and whistles"machine. So, since she is in California and I am here in Hawaii...there have been quite a few texts and calls and e:mails addressing sewing questions and problems.  She has evolved as a "seamstress" in the last few days...it's been really fun to watch.  I asked her to send me some photos so I could share.  Here are her entries (not sure she's finished yet) in no particular order...but you can probably figure out which were her earlier works and which is the last.