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Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to the Hawaii House

I've been back in Hawaii a few days now...I always feel so good here.  The pace of life is slower, the weather warmer, the sun brighter...you get the idea, I like it here!  I thought I'd share a little tour of the house...it's a work in progress...I'm going slowly and adding things when I find something I like (or make) no hurry.  We're comfortable...life's good.  Here's the front door...since you don't see the ocean right away, we thought it would be fun to have a painting of it as the first thing you see...this painting is by Todd Kenyon (Laguna Beach)
We call it the wave painting
To the left is a loooong hallway that leads to the living room, then on to the den, then finally at the end, Kipp and Andrew's room (almost 200' long with 60' of bookshelves)
Before we get to the bookshelves we're in the living/dining/kitchen great room
Dark floors are epay wood darkened with an ebony stain. The dining table was made by a fellow in Pony, Montana (I found on the internet) made from old barn wood.  Furniture is all Pottery Barn slipcovered (I wanted it all to be comfy and slouchy and beachy) Rugs are Dash and Albert
Kitchen is white, satin nickel fixtures, the metal tile backsplash behind the stove looks very cool but is starting to rust...yikes!  My contractor warned me...oops.

Here's the coffee table in the living room.  Two big pots, filled with sand and shells, covered with a thick piece of glass.  Quick and easy.  
Down the hallway towards the den

We're slowly collecting books.  We read a lot, but have an awful lot of shelves to fill.
The den, paintings by yours truly.  We have rope lighting in every room, looks kinda goofy in the daytime, but pretty neat at night.
Ryan's room...I've shown it before in the monkey fist knot post
the view from his bed
His bathroom
Kipp and Andrew's bedroom

Remember my fleet? (left side on the bench)

Kipp and Andrew's bathroom
One set of bunkbeds in the grandkids room. I don't have any grandkids yet...but I'm ready

The master bedroom (the lamp base is filled with black sand and shells from a nearby beach)
The map is of St Barths (one of our favorite vacation spots and the architectural inspiration for the Hawaii House

The view from the living room 

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  1. Oh my gosh - your house is amazing. I don't know what I like more - the view or the gorgeous floors, the pool area or those amazing book shelves along the awesome hallway. Wow - No wonder you were happy to be back home. I wouldn't want to leave.

    p.s. I see the St Barths style in your house. AWESOME!!

  2. You are such a lefty. The fleet of boats is on the RIGHT side of the picture, and if you say you meant the left side of the bed I won't believe you.

  3. oops, you're right Kipp...well, I never said I knew my right from my left..hahahaha my bad