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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Wine Bags

Wow, I haven't posted in a while.  I have been super busy.  I sold 3 paintings in the Hawi gallery in the last couple of weeks so have been busy painting to "replenish" my wall space.  This is the busy time on the island (snow birds and whale watchers) so I wanted to have new work hung while people are shopping. And...BIG news.  I was contacted by a lovely lady named Janet who is opening a new boutique in Seal Beach called Hapa Collective. She saw my silkscreened pillows on ETSY and wondered if I'd like to have them in her new shop. Would I????  So cool.  I told her it sounded like fun and sent her the link to my blog so she could see what I'm all about.  She wrote back all excited and wanted a bunch of other things I've done.  We settled on the wine gift bags, the pillows and the etched nautical glassware Kipp and I are doing.  Kipp and I formed a little company and as partners we're having a ball creating all the goodies Janet will take for her shop.  Kipp is doing the glassware, I'm silkscreening and sewing the pillows and bags.  I brought my silkscreen stuff over here in my suitcase and have been printing like mad.  Here are the new designs...if you want to make one...here's the tutorial ...they're easy, just sort of time consuming.

Here's my makeshift silkscreen studio...hahaha, the kitchen counter
And I just had to share...Chris and I went up Mauna Loa 
the other day to play in the snow...amazing looking down 
on the sunny coastline while standing in snow

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