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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kipp's New Pot

Kipp did the coolest project yesterday and I just had to share.  Her sweet husband Andrew gave her a Silhouette for Christmas...and after finishing our nautical etched glassware for the boutique she's been looking around for something new to use it for.  She took an ugly old brown pot from the yard and turned it into this!

They lived in London a couple of years ago (after Andrew finished his MBA at Oxford)
so all things British are near and dear to them.
These are the steps though I don't have many pictures;
Select an image you'd like to be the border design on your pot 
(Kipp purchased a Silhouette pattern, apparently they have many different "city" designs)
Cut the design out of vinyl 
Take a pot or vessel (flat or squarish sides will work best I think)
Adhere the cut vinyl to the base of the pot 
(probably cleaning the pot first would be best)
Spray the pot with heavy duty spray paint (appropriate for outdoor use)
Remove the vinyl...and...you've got a cool new pot

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