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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nautical Etched Glassware

Okay, this project was so fun, so simple and worked so well I had to share.  I've been meaning to try glass etching for some time...and with my Cricut I was able to make some great vinyl "stencils"to use with etching cream.  A couple of posts ago I was complaining my Cricut was pretty limited (compared to the Silhouette) when Mel from Junkin Junkies commented and convinced me to download Sure Cuts Alot to enhance it's performance. WOW!  It' so cool, allows me to cut ANY design or font I want...the design possibilities are literally endless.  Kipp and I downloaded some free clipart files, changed them to svg files (using Inkscape) uploaded them to Sure Cuts A Lot and had the Cricut cut away!  I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials on how to do it all...seemed complicated at first but once I did one, the rest were easy.  NO MORE CARTRIDGE buying...how cool is that?????  We cut the designs out in vinyl, transferred the cut vinyl piece to a glass, painted on a thick layer of etching cream, waited 5 minutes, washed it off...and WOW!

creating the "nautical" images on the computer

adhering the cut vinyl to the glass

dabbing on the etching cream

waiting for 5 minutes

the etched design


  1. You're a pro at the etching cream. I tried it once and it was a disaster. More than likely it was because I was impatient or didn't put enough on.

    I'm so glad the Sure Cuts A Lot worked for you. You can trace jpeg images directly on it, so you don't have to use that other program you have. There are also lots of places to get scut files for free that may suit your purposes.

    I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I have not put my cricut or SCAL to much use, yet :)

  2. Laurie, What a great project. I have been looking at some etched glasses at a local shop for a while. They are $15.00 each and I have been waiting for them to go on sale. No more waiting...I am going to try your project. Thanks.

  3. Very nice. I have done some etching. I use contact paper. It is a lot cheaper than vinyl and works the same!

  4. One of the advantage of buying etched or personalized glassware is you design it whatever you want and I think glass etching is also a good experience so I would like to try it.