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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Stocking Disaster Averted

 Wow, parent fail on my part.  I left Kipp and Ryan's (and Andrew's) stockings in Hawaii...oops.  We spent Christmas there last year and I just forgot to pack them when I came back to California.  They have had these stockings since they were babies...my grandmother made them for them.  So, what to do?  Emergency stockings...Kipp and I thought a Hawaiian theme would be good, then we could take the new ones to Hawaii and bring home the old ones for future Christmases.  I had some red and white Hawaiian fabric leftover from a computer bag project (already quilted) and Kipp had green felt leftover from Andrew's Halloween costume...so we were in business.  We made a pattern of ridiculously huge stockings and cut them out of the green felt. We made a "cuff" out of the red/white fabric and sewed it to the top edge.  I had some red and white polka dot fabric so we used that as the bias tape edging along the top.  For embellishment...white felt snowflakes.  We fused a piece of felt to HeatnBond, cut out paper snowflakes as our templates, then traced the design onto the paper backing of the bond.  Once we cut the snowflake out of felt, we simply ironed it to the stocking.  Letters for everyone seemed easier than whole names...they know who they are :)

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  1. You are so talented! If I had to whip up some stockings at the last minute, I would have just used some regular socks! But these ones you made are great! You are inspriring me to think of something crafty to do myself (my level would be more kid level though!) :D