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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Driftwood Sailboat Tutorial

Okay...there are a lot of these cute things sailing in the blogosphere (see examples) here, here, and here but someone asked me to make a tutorial on how I made mine, so here goes. First, find a piece of driftwood that gives the impression of a boat hull, and a stick long enough to make a mast proportional to the hull.
Drill a hole midway large enough to accommodate the "mast"
Glue the mast in the hole and let dry thoroughly
Lay the boat assembly on a "doubled" piece of scrap fabric
and draw the outline of your sails (easier this way to make sure
the sails fit the shape and size of your "boat")

cut out the sail 1/4" larger than your drawing and sew 
along your marks.  Trim corners, turn right side out
and press.  Topstitch close to edge if you want.

Using twine, or thread or kite string, "rig" your sails to
the mast.  I just pushed a darning needle through both layers
of the muslin sail and tied a knot around the mast top and bottom.


  1. rustic lil sailboats to display. how cute. great tutorial.

  2. I love this!! Now I know what to do with the driftwood pieces we picked up from our Maine family vacation!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love boats and these are really fantastic!Dayana from Italy.

  4. This is perfect. I'm doing a natural nautical birthday party for my son. My mind is going "idea" overload!

  5. me encanta, es precioso el proyecto!

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  8. Thanks for the photos, and sharing the DIY! LOVE these! :)

  9. This is so cute. I going to my daughter's wedding in Oregon on the beach and we wanted to do something "beachy" for the house without spending a lot of money. Perfect ! And great tutorial (:

  10. Love your tororial. Thank you

  11. Really cute!! Great tutorial to follow as well. I'm going to make some from driftwood we collect at Lake Michigan - our favorite place! We will display them in our babies nursery, since it's aquatic themed!