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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Gallery in Hawi

I worked the gallery in Hawi today.  I did tell you I was accepted into a gallery here in Hawaii, didn't I?  Well, I've been in it 6 weeks or so...it's in Hawi, a little town on the northern end of the Big Island.  I've already sold 2 paintings...yippeeee.  That's 2 more than I've sold in Laguna North Gallery (the gallery in Laguna Beach, Ca I'm in) in the same time period.  I'm not very good at retail sales, but offered to "work" the gallery today because they're short of helpers.  Being new to the island I tried my best to answer questions posed by tourists...but I think I have alot to learn about the art on our gallery walls and the island itself.  Here are some photos of the gallery...if you make your way to Hawi...stop in and say HI!

here are two of my watercolors


4 more


and another

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