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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wine Bottle Gift Bag

The holidays are coming and I thought it would be fun to give gift bags my friends could use when they take a bottle of wine as a hostess gift or for Christmas presents.  I silkscreened on the fabric before I made the bag, but you could easily achieve the same effect with a freezer paper stencil or handpainting a design.
You will need 2 pieces of fabric for the outside 
and 2 pieces for the lining approx 9 x 15"

As I said, I silkscreened my design but let your imagination go wild

Sew two buttonholes 3/4" apart about 2-3" from top of the 
front piece (the one with your design on it) This will be for the drawstring

Sew 2 outer pieces (and 2 lining pieces) right sides together down either side

Turn the lining piece right side out and iron.  Place inside the outer 
fabric tube and sew right sides together around top edge

Turn right side out and iron top edge

Turn inside out and create the "box" of the base of the bag
by folding in the sides of both the lining fabric and the outer fabric

Sew across both short sides leaving a small gap in the lining seam
so you can turn the entire piece right side out through the opening

Turn right side out

Stuff the lining back into the outer fabric bag and press
The bottom of your bag should look like this pic below

Cut buttonhole and sew a casing wide enough to accommodate
the width of your ribbon. Using a safety pin, feed your ribbon (about 1/2 yard)
through the first buttonhole, through the casing and out the second buttonhole

The finished bag can be used for a bottle of wine or 
any kind of holiday treats.


  1. What a great tutorial. I will be using this one. Thanks.

    I'm your newest follower :)

  2. that's the easiest way of making wine bottle gift bag thanks for sharing