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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another quilted purse

We're going to little dinner party next week and I thought I'd make my hostess gift.  Yep, another quilted purse.  I found such great Hawaiian fabric at WalMart last week just had to use some of it.
I know I already did this purse as a tutorial, but thought I'd post pictures 
of it in progress, the design is simple and easy to make.
First I cut out a piece of the main fabric, a piece of lining, and a piece of batting 14x22.  
I also cut 2 pieces of each about 6" square and quilted all. I also
made the "strap", one continuous piece about 45" long by 1.5"

Next, the strap is attached to the body of the purse, securing the end of each side 
about 2" from where the finished zipper will be

Sew the short ends right sides together so you can put in the zipper.

Open the seam and remember to open the zipper a bit so you can turn the whole 
thing right side out once you attach the end pieces.

Cut the 2 smaller quilted pieces in a wedge shape to form the "contour" of the bag

Attach the ends, right sides together

Turn right side out and your purse is complete.  

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