I find everyday presents inspirations for projects. Hope you enjoy my ideas.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My first Monkey Fist

I've been trying to figure out how to tie one of these for awhile.  Couldn't see spending $50 for one from a catalogue when I knew I could do it myself.  Well...with the help of this great post here I did it.  Not perfect, but for my first try I'm happy.  I took Chris to the airport yesterday and then went in to Kona for "project" supplies.  Not sure I bought enough rope (I got 6') so had to make do with this smaller first attempt.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another quilted purse

We're going to little dinner party next week and I thought I'd make my hostess gift.  Yep, another quilted purse.  I found such great Hawaiian fabric at WalMart last week just had to use some of it.
I know I already did this purse as a tutorial, but thought I'd post pictures 
of it in progress, the design is simple and easy to make.
First I cut out a piece of the main fabric, a piece of lining, and a piece of batting 14x22.  
I also cut 2 pieces of each about 6" square and quilted all. I also
made the "strap", one continuous piece about 45" long by 1.5"

Next, the strap is attached to the body of the purse, securing the end of each side 
about 2" from where the finished zipper will be

Sew the short ends right sides together so you can put in the zipper.

Open the seam and remember to open the zipper a bit so you can turn the whole 
thing right side out once you attach the end pieces.

Cut the 2 smaller quilted pieces in a wedge shape to form the "contour" of the bag

Attach the ends, right sides together

Turn right side out and your purse is complete.  

Visit thecsiproject.com

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Purse for Sara

I've met a new friend recently.  She's having a tough time right now...thought I'd cheer her up with a little present.

this picture isn't very good, but shows the fabric colors better

...and another trip to Walmart...score!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Design Team t-shirts

The house remodel is in full swing.  Ryan and I thought it would be fun to make t-shirts to hand out to all those who have helped on the project.  The house is on a street called Manzanita...hence the name.  The shirts are a work in progress...I'll do more when I return from Hawaii.  There are 2 massive pine trees on the property that litter the house daily with pinecones and needles...think I'll have to work a pinecone into the design somehow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another dress for Clare

My sister has made another dress for Clare from the silkscreened fabric I made her.  Think it turned out pretty darned cute.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach House Pillows

Lettering has always been problematic when silkscreening.  Hand cutting a stencil full of words is nearly impossible and photo screens are messy and time consuming.  My new Cricut is super fun and makes the task simple.  I just type out what I want to "say" and let the machine cut out my stencil.  I use contact paper...the hardest part is peeling it off the sticky mat that comes with the Cricut and not stretching the letters out of shape.  I made pillows today...one or two for Ryan's new house, one or two for the Hawaii House and maybe one or two for my Etsy shop!

Wooden Buoys

I'm leaving for the Hawaii House Wednesday...and we're a long way from "decorating" the remodel...but I couldn't resist making a few things today that will hopefully make their way into the decor.  I saw these great lobster buoys here and just had to try them.  We had the 4x4 leftover from the kitchen pass-thru header.  Russ (our carpenter) cut the blocks for me, and Danny (our electrician) drilled the holes.  I painted them today.  The numbers represent the addresses of the Newport house and Ryan's Denver house.  The d & r is a tribute to Russ and Danny for all their help on the remodel.