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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

I've been away from blogging for awhile...time to catch my breath and get back to it.  We left Hawaii on Sunday, June 6th and flew to Italy June 8th for a family bike trip.  3 days in Rome to get over jet lag...then 5 days of biking in Piemonte.  VERY fun...our old stomping grounds.  We lived in Torino in 1977-78...it was super fun to see what the city has become post Olympics.  I was very PROUD of the Torinese...they've turned that city around.  It's clean, and charming and beautiful...not the dirty industrial city we lived in.  It was fun to speak Italian again, visit our old "house", the shops and restaurants we used to frequent, and especially to see old friends.  It was also special to introduce our children to our adopted city!
The "children" in Rome just below the Spanish Steps

A little confusion on where to find lunch

The happy biking group

The house we rented in 1977-78

And...the new fixer-upper project that will be keeping 
Ryan busy for the next few months. (and his mom too)

The demolition team!

I made a new purse in a few spare moments...I'll share that tomorrow

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