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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tank top sundress

I had a red tank top that I wasn't crazy about...too long and too tight around the fanny.  
Thought it would make a great top to a sundress...soooooooo...
I decided how long I wanted the bodice (tank top) and cut it just below my hip line.  
I then measured the length I wanted the skirt (from base of tank to top of knee...about 18")
 and cut two pieces of white fabric (45" wide) 19" (allowing for hem)

Next,  I sewed the two pieces of the skirt right sides together, selvage edge to 
selvage edge. I then had a "tube" 90" around and 19" long.  Sew 2 parallel rows 
of basting stitches all the way around the top of the skirt piece.  

I measured my hips and added 2".  I gathered up the basting stitches 
until the "skirt" measured my hip size plus 2".  I pinned 
the skirt to the tank top, starting with the side seams, then the front and back. 
 Carefully stretching the top to "fit" the gathered skirt.

Sew the tank top to the skirt using a stretch stitch.

Hem the skirt and that's it, a new sundress!

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