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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jewelry Travel Pouch

I've needed a travel pouch for some time to keep all my jewelry in one spot in my luggage.  Also handy to put things in before going through the x-ray machine at the airport.
Here's a tutorial for making one...it was sort of a design as I went...hope you can make sense of it.  You'll need 2  7" zippers, 2 small pieces of velcro, 1 36" piece of  rope or other material for the tie, 1 piece of outer fabric 9" x 14", 1 piece of lining fabric 9" x 14", 6 pieces of lining 5" x 9" each, and 1 piece of lining 3" x 8"
Sew one side of the velcro near the end of the small lining piece (this will be the ring/earring loop)
Sew right sides together, turn right side out and press

Make a sandwich of 2 lining pieces and sew close to zipper (use zipper foot to get close)

Fold fabric right sides out away from zipper

Do the same thing on the other side of the zipper with 2 more pieces of lining

Should look something like this

Repeat first step of zipper construction with the other zipper and the final 2 pieces of lining
Before attaching final side to zipper, sew other part of the velcro in place, match up velcro on strap
and sew strap in place (reinforce well)

Now, iron both rough edges of second zipper piece under and sew zipper into seam

Your piece should look something like this now. 
Sew lining piece to zippered piece wrong sides together

Attach the rope or tie to the right side of the outside fabric (reinforce well)

Topstich along one zipper edge in the middle of the piece through all thicknesses 
to create two separate pockets 

Sew outside fabric to zippered piece right sides together leaving a small opening
on one side to turn the assembly right side out.  Trim seams and corners. Turn right
side out and press.

You now should have two pockets, one velcro strap for rings and earrings.
Happy traveling! Just fold whole pouch in thirds and tie closed with rope

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