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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabric coasters

I've had it with the coasters we have...they're very cute (glass with photos and ceramic with tropical impressions) but they DON'T ABSORB LIQUID.  

What good is a coaster that doesn't do that?  I decided it was time for new ones...soooooooo I got out the linen and printed fern fronds on them.  I used the old coasters as a size template...approx. 4" square.

You'll need fabric (2 pieces 4.5" sq to allow for seam allowances), leaves or fronds, paper towels, acrylic fabric paint, wax paper (or something to keep paint from soaking through the fabric while printing)

Ink up the leaf or frond you want to print.  Try and get the paint thin but evenly covered.  The more paint applied to the leaf the fewer veins and details show up.

Position the leaf paint side down on the fabric and cover with a paper towel.  Roll a rolling pin (or bottle of wine like I did) over the leaf to "imprint" on the fabric

I used fern fronds, hibiscus and gardenia leaves

Cut out the individual 4.5" pieces and heat set with an iron as per paint instructions

Now...for the "sandwich" layers, one printed piece, one backing piece, and one piece cut from a plastic bag (to keep moisture from going all the way through the coaster onto your table)

Place printed image right sides together with the backing piece and then layer a plastic piece on top

Sew the pieces together leaving about an inch to turn it all right side out.  No sewing machine here at the Hawaii House so I did it by hand, but it only took a couple of minutes. Trim seam allowances and corners

Turn right side out

Sew opening closed


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