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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Coaster

I'm on a coaster kick!  We had lunch at the Kona Brewing Company yesterday.  My sandwich was so big I took half of it home.  Their take-out boxes are GREAT, very thick pressed paper ones much like the material bar coasters are made of.  Just had to try making some fun coasters out of the box.
You'll need a take-out box, scissors, acrylic stencil paint, a stencil and foam brush

I traced a circle using a jar as a template and cut out the "coasters"

Now just stencil your design onto the cardstock...go easy on paint, 
the paper is pretty absorbent and wants to bleed

And just like that...new coasters


  1. I LOVE these! what a pretty stencil... :)

  2. the advantage to living in Hawaii half the year...ALL the cool Hawaiian stuff...:)