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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Master Bedroom Pillows

Well... I'm finally getting around to "decorating" the master bedroom of the Hawaii House. I've been concentrating on the other rooms, but think it's time to add a little something to our room. Starting with pillows (surprise!!!!) I think I've made 25 (or so) pillows for the house (drives Chris nuts) but I like them. They're easy and make a quick impression. I stuck with white (think the architecture of the house does most of the decorating) but think they're pretty cute. I used freezer paper once again for the stencils...just print out the words you want to use on the computer, place your piece of freezer paper over the text and cut out with an xacto knife.  Remember to keep the centers of letters like a,e,d,b etc...you'll need to iron them onto your fabric as well.  Place the freezer paper on your fabric shiny side down and iron.  Use a foam brush or stencil brush and gently fill in the cut out letters.  You may have to go over it a second or third time after drying to get an opaque image.  Remove the freezer paper once dry and sew the pillow.  Stuff with a pillow form and you're finished.

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  1. Hi there ! I love your bedroom, the painting-headboard is so great !! Thanks for sharing !
    Cheers from France

  2. found your blog via oneprettything and i love the bedroom from what i can see in the pic above. gonna surf your blog to see if you have other pics of the room.