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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Terrie's birthday present

My sister Terrie is turning *% next month. She is a new grandma and a quilter...had to think up something fun for her. Decided some fun printed fabric would keep her supplied in projects for awhile...either a fun new quilt or really funky baby clothes for Clare. So...I bought 5 yards of white muslin, washed it and divided it into 1 yard pieces.

I dyed each piece a different color, then drew animal silhouettes to cut from contact paper (for my silk screen film). I printed each animal (layout of 4) on the fabric...peach kangaroos, black bears on navy, orange pigs on yellow, lilac turtles on sage and teal elephants on aqua.

The project turned out great...she loved it. Her birthday isn't until March...but I was so excited about the fabric I gave it to her early.

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  1. The fabric is too cute! Can't wait to get started and create grandbaby Clares' new outfits! Thank you thank you thank you!