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Friday, March 27, 2015

Kleenex Box Creatures

My daughter found a cool kleenex box online...forwarded the photo to me and said "mom...you must make this, you can use your new saw!"  So of course...I did.  After making several of them for friends and family I started expanding on the idea and have come up with this fun "lobster box". Fits nicely into the powder room at the Hawaii House.

Not too tough to make...lots of cutting and gluing.

Here are the individual pieces...

and here's a shout out to the site where I found the original whale tissue box
also saw one similar at Uncommon Goods

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Photo Christmas Ornaments

We had a huge family portrait shot for Christmas...19 of us.  So fun and so special.

I thought it would be fun to make Christmas ornaments from 
some of the individual family group shots we took.
Just went to the local photo center and had small prints made

Using my scroll saw I cut 2" x 3" pieces of wood

With some spray adhesive, a drill for a hole and some leftover 
white satin ribbon I had ornaments for everyone Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Super Hero Capes...for little boys

We all know capes make you run faster and jump higher...my grandsons needed their own special capes this Christmas...

even the baby needed one

Easy and fun to make.  I started with a rough pattern...narrowed and 
shortened it for the younger ones

I cut two pieces, one for outside, one for lining

Next...they needed personalizing...BIG letter W for Wim
Using Heat n Bond I followed the directions and
adhered the fusible material to the backside of my 
contrasting fabric...in Wim's case white

Cut out letter, then iron on to adhere.  I know these capes will take
some abuse and will need washing, figured topstitching
would keep things in place a lot longer...

Next, sew lining to outside fabric...right sides together
leaving a small section along bottom edge for turning

The section around the neck is actually cut (didn't show
it well in photos) and then velcro is used to secure cape 
around little boys' necks.

Here's Kale's

And Baby Griff's

And in action...

Daddy even got into it

Sunday, November 30, 2014

3rd Birthday Party Gift Bag Tees

Our eldest grandson Kale turned 3 today.  Wow!!!  Time flies.  My daughter threw a party for him with some of his pre school friends and we thought it would be fun to silk screen tee shirts for the kids as a little remembrance of the party.  The party theme was construction (since Kale is very into cars and trucks and bulldozers and tractors and...well you get it). I started with a layout in Sure Cuts A Lot for my Cricut.  This sure makes lettering a breeze if one doesn't feel like doing a photo emulsion silkscreen.  I've explained the process a few times in previous posts...please see here
The Cricut cuts the contact paper in about a minute...too cool.

Next, just adhere the sticky side of the contact paper to the underside of the silk screen frame.
Notice image is backward...it'll be right side up when you flip the screen over.

Flood the screen with ink and squeegee several passes
(to insure coverage)

I always place a scrap piece of matt board in the tee shirt to make
sure the image doesn't bleed through to the back.  When completely dry...don't forget to
heat set ink...a very hot iron for a minute or two does the trick.

7 party guests, 1 little brother and 1 infant cousin...shirts done in about 10 minutes!

All ready for transport to party central!

And here's this morning's set up at the party

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CB2 Penguin Hack

Thumbing through one of the many Christmas catalogues the other day...I came across a cute set of penguins available at CB2.  I thought...I can make one of those!!! Here's what the catalogue showed
Cute right?
Here's mine

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Key Chain Fob

This project is so much cooler than it photographed...I thought I'd share 
it and maybe you can make one too.  I discovered this stuff called 
Diamond Glaze that is really fun.  It's a glue...but when applied topically 
leaves a clear resin like 3-D coating.  I'm always looking for fun 
stocking stuffers for my adult children and thought they might
all like a key chain fob with their children's pictures.  
Here are the supplies you need:
a package of decorative dog tags (Hobby Lobby)
a can acrylic sealer
a photo (1"x1.5")
Diamond Glaze (purchased online)
E6000 or another adhesive

Friday, November 21, 2014

3-D Wooden Christmas Trees

I'm still discovering new projects to make with my scroll saw. 
See previous posts for other ideas here.
I've had a funny little Christmas tree that I've used for 
decoration every year forever...it's a small little thing I 
probably picked up at the drug store when we couldn't 
afford many holiday extras.  It's wooden, painted green 
with little red hearts on it.  I always thought it was cool because 
it fit together with 2 slots cut out of the pieces...but stored away 
flat in a box the rest of the year.  I figured I could draft a similar 
pattern and cut out the pieces with my new scroll saw.  I started 
with a sketch of a tree 10" tall...traced that onto a piece of wood.

I cut 2 trees, cutting a slot on either tree, one from the top to halfway, 
one from the bottom up to halfway (slots are the width of the wood thickness)

Sand all the sides, edges, etc and stain...or paint.

I chose a bluish stain because most of my friends have beachy type decor and 
I thought a set of blue trees would look cool
Sand again to give it a weathered look...If you want a set...I made 
 8" and 6" trees to go along with the 10" one.

and disassembled, I tied the bundle with twine...ready for gift giving

Here's the pattern I made...printed on 8.5"x11" paper
(don't forget to make 2...with a slot on top of second)

Painted version

Stained version

linking to link party palooza